Saturday, February 11, 2012

DBNY update 2.


"After carefully reviewing your case, we've determined that you'll be
eligible for a refund (including handling and shipping) once you've
returned the merchandise to the seller."

I actually wasn't expecting to win with PayPal. I never had a chance to submit the screenshots that prove DBNY never said "rug yarn" until after my claim was filed. I did submit them to my BBB claim, which I'll close as soon as I can, of course making note if possible that it's only being closed because PayPal has sided with me.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

DBNY update.

DBNY has claimed on the PayPal and BBB reports that their website says the following.

"New Zealand Wool Rug Yarn for Knitting and Weaving"

"This is Rug Yarn, some of it is soft and some is rough."

This is true. Now. It did not when I placed my order, which means they added it AFTER the claim was filed, and are now falsifying that information on my reports. I did not think to take screenshots though of the website before they added. But, thanks to a friend reminding me, Google's cached versions of the website gave me the versions I needed.

This is before they added that information, from Google's cache on January 14th.

And this is after, the current version of the website.

It's not my "turn" to respond or submit anything for my PayPal and BBB claims, but hopefully I can do so once more to submit these before the claims are closed.

Before this, I thought DBNY were just ignorant douchebags who didn't know how to handle unhappy customers. Now I know they are lying con artists who will do anything to keep from having to admit they were wrong.