Thursday, August 20, 2009

It's like expecting a new baby.

9 months.

Estimated date of moving out of Shitcago and to Missouri with two of my best friends in the whole damn world whom I have never met in person.

9 months.

Holy shit, the entire rest of the world is out there. What do I do? Do they eat with the same utensils as us? Do I have to learn another language? Are my manners good enough? What if I act like a huge doofus and my friends hate me and fling me back here in a trebuchet?

I'm scared.


  1. Hi!

    I saw your link on Ravelry, and just had to check it out. I'm and avid 29-year old swedish knitting girl since about three years ago, and my husband is a die-hard death metal fan who also loves Opeth! I guess this blog was meant for us both, I'll have to show it to him when I get home. And I was even more happy when I read that you also like AiC, since I am/was a heavy grunge fan in my teens. I still like Nirvana best, but Dirt is still one of the best albums ever made. There aren't many albums of which you can say that every song is amazing, but that is one of them.

    Anywhoo, I'll continue stalking your blog (and I'll try to comment some as well, since I know how fun it is to actually recieve comments on your blog. So far, I think I have two readers on mine: my mom and my sister =). And I might see you on Ravelry too (I'm jench24).

    / Jenny

  2. Moving is a big thing!! I've had a couple of huge moves (across country and state lines) and it's always been an adventure and it always works out. You have built in friends there too! How cool is that!?

  3. It's better than moving somewhere alone and looking for a roommate in the newspaper. I have a personal policy against living with serial killers. Just a personal preference.

    Hey, I have readers!

  4. Where in MO? I'm in Kansas City, so I'm entitled to be nosey. ;)