Saturday, August 15, 2009

Ribbing can fuck off.

I hate ribbing. I hate it so. I have yet to do any project with more than 2 inches or so of ribbing because by that time I'm ready to run myself through with a DPN. I think it's a combination of how I hold the yarn and pull it from the ball and the fact that I'm a thrower. Changing sides with the yarn is a pain, and purling is a pain, so combine the two and ribbing is a nightmare.

I'm trying a few different methods of holding the yarn in my right hand since any attempt to learn continental just leads to frustration and sloppysloppy stitches. I also saw the pretty interesting Norwegian purl and Cat Bordhi's purl which are both very similar. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to mesh well with throwing; trying to purl like that is extremely awkward and sloppy and slow. I dislike the Norwegian method because it really stretches out the stitch, and one of the reasons I tried it was to tighten my purls, and Cat Bordhi's has you bending the needle in a very tight space to pull up the loop and I just can not manage to do it properly as a thrower.

Sigh. My sock knitting stuff should be here Monday. Size 1 DPNs and a few balls of tweed sock yarn. Then after I get my size 7 DPNs I can start knitting hats again. All I have left are smaller size ones that don't fit on my circulars.

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  1. LOL I love the title of this post!! I tried to do a whole hat in ribbing (you can see me with the same name in Ravelry, it's in my projects) and it looks HORRIBLE. LOL I tried it in desperation because the hats I was making were all *way* too small. lol

    But yeah. I hate ribbing too! Sing it! ;)